Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank you! Two days of sun!

WOW!  Two days in a row of beautiful, bright sunshine!  Tomorrow we go back to partly cloudy with chance of showers but everything here is so green and beautiful because of all the rain.  I made this door hanging for Spring a year ago, (thank you Pinterest) and it has been perfect for this spring.   April showers bring May flowers........

We have this bush next to the mailbox and look at it flower!  It does this clear through the end of October.   Just needs a bit of fertilizer every now and then.

I love these!   They flower all spring, summer, and fall but the best part is that the green leaves do not die off in the winter  ---even during a frost.  

Dad took a neighbor of ours to the doctor in Pensacola yesterday.   Mom and I went to Front Porch for lunch.  This is a locals place across the street from the sound in Navarre.  Sandwiches, beer and such.  You can see the water and the condos on the island.   

Like I mentioned, Dad has been helping out Robert.  Goodness, he is having a hard time.  His wife passed away a few weeks ago and he has extreme back pain.   So much so that he can't walk without a walker and can't drive.  Dad is a good guy for helping out.  We all need help at times, don't we.

New dog food for Kacey.  Called Taste of the Wild.  This is for a grain free diet.  Who knows what she is allergic to - grain, grass, or anything else she comes in contact with but I have noticed an improvement with much less itching since on this food.   AND SHE LOVES IT!  It has Bison and Venison. Yummy.  It also is not too expensive. I had thought about going to BLUE but that is pricey.  Kacey's dinner should not cost more than mine.   Right?  The little diva...........
(Sorry it is sideways.)

Saturday night Dad and I went to a dance competition at Saenger Theater.  One of my lesson students is involved in DANCE MOMS.........  lots of competitions.   Lots.   Dad and I especially wanted to see this one because Jordan's dance was about pricking her finger on a spinning wheel and falling to sleep.   When she touched the needle, a light flashes and down she goes.  Guess who made the spinning wheel - YES, Dad.  It was great.  
Then Hannah danced and also did a great job.   Talented young ladies.

Saying goodbye with a selfie.   I am going to run out to Subway and then Dad and I are going to work on our cactus garden.   Have a great day.

Some other news....
My aunt Sandy fell in a nursery while shopping (plant nursery) and broke her arm the other day.  My goodness, how life changes so quickly.  So she is stuck at home right now (home is Atlanta) and taking pain meds.  We talk every day and her daughter Robin is taking good care of her Mom.  Take care Sandy and we love, love, love you!   You too Robin!

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