Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beautiful Weather

The beautiful weather we are having has so many benefits.  First, it warms the pool so swimming is enjoyable.  I find I can swim and enjoy the pool if it is at least 75 degrees but it takes me awhile to get into the water.  Anything above 80 degrees is better.
There is so little humidity - that comes more in June - so doing anything outdoors is pleasant.

We wanted to enjoy the beach and weather yesterday so we went the PB bar and grill off of the fishing pier.  A picture perfect day!


The wires are actually water misters to help keep customers comfy.

Another perfect picture of green palms and blue sky.

This is part of the bay by the baseball stadium.  

While going to Pensacola Beach yesterday, a line of sailboats where sailing towards Navarre.  There must of been over 50 in our view.  What a visual picture - gleaming white sailboats against the blue horizon sailing down the sound together.

One palm at the rocky edge of the water.  He doesn't look lonely though with the ducks and seagulls that swim by and rest on the rocks beneath.

We did a garage sale today - began at 7:30 and closed down at 8:30!  All our big items sold right away!   That is the way to do a garage sale!   Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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