Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cactus Garden

Not a day goes by without me saying thank you for all that we have and enjoy.   Of course, each other comes first and then our friends in Indiana and our new friends here.

But the beauty of this area is certainly not lost on our family.  Today is sunny and 80 degrees and the pool is cool but enjoyable.  (Hey, the day will come that I think it is too warm.)  The last three days Dad and I have worked on the cactus garden.  It does not seem like a lot of work but the trips to Lowes adds to the work time.   Dad has seemed to enjoy seeing cactus around Gulf Breeze and has been given a couple from neighbors.  Our favorite pottery shop was going out of business so we purchased a metal "artistic cactus" for 1/5 of the price.   This project is a project that was done right and will last a long, long time.  I do need to put another coat of Rustoleum paint on the yellow cactus.

I added a geranium that reminds me so much of Indiana and a hibiscus.

Picking up 8 foot landscaping timbers (for the third time.)  Hold on to them Mom and don't let them slide.

A year ago I bought a Prius V.   It is larger and offers more space to tote items around.

That is is for now.......have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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