Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beach and My Sore Back

My brother Dave is here for the next month and we got beach busy right away.   So Friday was a beautiful day and the waves were not too rough so off we went.   Let's see....what to take.
My favorite beach bag, of course.   I bought that five or six years ago on one of our Pensacola Beach trips.  Beach towels, chair, shell nets, shell bucket, sun tan lotion, cell phone, sandals, and my boogie board.
No, I don't actually boogie board.  I am not crazy but I do use it in the water to help balance me against the waves that seem insistant on knocking me down.  Dave carried most of these items down to the beach because I woke up with a sore back.   But after walking on the sand, I had a very sore back by evening and I have been walking bent over since.   That is not the worse part though.   I have had some muscle spasms with this and let me tell you, it isn't fun!  Oh well, back to the beach.
Here is a picture of Mom baking in the sun and Dave is drying off after spending time in with the waves and shells.  We got a few shells but it just has not been good shelling for the past two months.   Tropical Storm Debbie sent shells up but they were crushed and in pieces.
Here is another picture of Dad out shelling.   I know I have posted lots of pictures of Dad doing this but....he does this a lot.   He is the king of shelling!
I am always the one taking the pictures so I seldom show up in a picture.   So I took a picture of myself while on the beach.  I love my new sunglasses that I can wear with my new contacts.

Well, the last two days I am trying to straighten my back out.   Very, very slow and painful - let me tell you.   Ron and Mike come in Saturday for a week and I want to be in good shape by then, I hope.  My friend Nicole has offered the use of her paddle boards while they are here and her family is on vacation.   I know the guys will enjoy the boards so much.

  Some final information about Gulf Breeze:
   Temperature high today - 92
   Water temperature  - 86
    Humidity - high.   Too high.    Way too high.
    Tourist - Lots of people here for their summer vacations.  Gee, just like we used to do.
    4th of July - July 3rd we are going to a picnic down the street.  So fun!   We will picnic in our  own yard on the 4th.
   Tonight's TV Programing -  The Olympic Trials of course.
Take care all and enjoy the fireworks!

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