Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, July 20, 2012

One Year

Sunday is the one year anniversary of our Pensacola Dream.  I am going to state some pictures.........about this last year.
  • We were brave enough to take off and live a dream that my family has had for years.   I am proud of my parents for having the strength and drive to do this even though they are in their late seventies.   They are living every day to the most and taking me right along with them.
  • I miss teaching.   I miss being a band director every day.   One day my brother and I were at a flea market and I was looking at a used tenor saxophone.   He said "You are not a band director anymore.   Why are you looking at that?"  My answer was - I am a band director!   I may not be teaching right now but a teacher of band is what I am.    I strongly feel that way and I am sure I will always feel that way.
  • Miss my friends.  Thanks goodness for texting and cell phones.
  • I have learned that good friends stay close no matter how far apart you live from each other. 
  • People who live in this area call it paradise.    It is.
  • The Gulf of Mexico and the beach, tropical plants and trees, and restaurants serving fresh seafood make for an incredible place to call home.
  • I won't rehash the wonderful things I and my family have done and experienced this past year.  Much of this is mentioned and pictured in past blogs.  But the beach and Disney World are at the top of my paradise memories.
If you have followed my blog this last year, I hope you have enjoyed some of my stories and pictures.   But I really do this for me.   Kathy Cox asked me if I am going to print all these blogs and put them in book form.   What a wonderful idea!  So here we begin year two......hmmmmmm........what will paradise offer us next year?

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