Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Debby - Dave- and Bear

It has been a pretty busy few days.  But as I sat down to write tonight's blog I got a text from my friend Nicole - The Bear Is Out!  We have black bears that live by us and they have been out in our neighborhood between 7-8:00 in the evening.  She saw one again today and I really want to see one of the bears - so out of the house I ran.   But no bear.   I did have my brother Dave following me - shoeless - down the sidewalk.  He might of scared the bear.
Dave got in Monday morning after driving all the way from Indiana by himself over night.   We felt  so much better once he was here.  He wil be here for over a month before returning to Monticello to resume teaching.
Kacey is happy to have Dave here.  Another lap to sit on.

Tropical storm Debby came throught the Gulf of Mexico - very slowly.  We received some rain last week-end and some wind but no damage.  The waves at Pensacola Beach were assume to look at.   It was a double red flag day which means if you go into the water, you are fined.
The bad weather means a visit by all the news stations - including Jim Cantorre from the Weather Channel.  I just missed seeing him by minutes.
We were supposed to leave Thursday for Clearwater to visit Kathy and Terry but Kathy's flight was cancelled to get home from Hobart, IN.   So she will not be home in time for us to visit.   That is ok - we will get to go another time.
Dave and I went for a walk on the beach tonight and enjoyed somebody's art work left from earlier this afternoon.  It is going to be very hot the next few days so I don't think I will want to go to the beach mid-afternoon.  I know, I know.  I moved to Florida.  I knew it was going to get hot in the summer but this is like open-the-oven-door hot.  So maybe it will be a good shopping day.   Well, really every day is a good shopping day!  Take care all!

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