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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Whole Family Is Here (part one)

We just had a wonderful week with Dave, Ron, Mom, Dad, myself, and our friend Mike.   All were here all week and busy isn't the word for our days.  So this blog will cover some of what we did and tomorrow I will continue with more of the week.  Ron and Mike drove all night to get here and arrived before lunch so we all ran over to the beach for lunch.   (Dave had been here for over a week already.)  They brought along with them Sage - Ron's black lab.   She is so cute and very energetic and need I say that Kacey was not thrilled with Sage running here and there.   They also brought with them a gift from Betty and Kirk.

This is the greatest beach tent to keep you out of the hot sun.  Dave set it up in the yard so we knew what we were doing when we take it to the beach.   THANKS BETTY AND KIRK!!!!

On Monday Dad, Mike, and Dave spent the day at the Navy Aviation Museum, the lighthouse (Yes, they climbed to the top) and visited the fort on the Navy Base.   Ron and I headed down to Destin and ate lunch at Bubba Shrimps.  Great fish sandwich and strawberry slushies.  Oh, and the glasses light up.

 That night we had one of our famous shrimp boils - shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob all cooked in the same pot.   Here Dave is pouring off the water and we are ready to feed our faces - which we did. 

Hey!  Where is the music?   The picture above is of some of us waiting for the  Bands at the Beach concert to begin.  What you don't see is the other side of us is the Gulf of Mexico.  What a view!!

Tuesday the guys spent time at the beach and Mom and I ran out to the mall.   (I had a coupon for Belks. We each got a new purse and I got new flip-flops.)   After a dinner of homemade chicken enchiladas we took off for the Bands at the Beach concert at Pensacola Beach.     Afterwards, Dave, Ron, Mike, and I stopped at Peg Leg Petes for a drink - a favorite spot for everyone on Pensacola Beach.

Here is a picture of Mike, Ron, and Dave at Flounders.  Yes, I was there but never in the pictures because I am taking the pictures.  They look like a happy crew, don't they?

Ron, Mike, and I ran down to Destin to the kite shop on the boardwalk.   Mike already owns some pretty fancy kites and bought another to add to his collection.  This is not the usual one stringed kite, this takes a bit more work to fly with two strings attached for flying.  

Wednesday was again beach day, some shopping, and then off to the Greyhound Races.   We had a blast!!!   Everyone has their own system of picking their dog in each race and sometimes we won but more often not.   It did not cost too much more than going to the movies and it was great fun for everyone.
Our family is very close and love doing things together so the week went too, too fast.   Mike fits right in - he is as crazy and silly as my brothers.  Sage and Kacey spent the week with Sage wanting to play with Kacey and Kacey saying "Hey pup, get away from me!"   I just talked to Ron and slept a bit this afternoon after driving all night.  Even though driving all night is not fun, it is quicker and you drive right through Nashville and Birmingham - the two cities that tend to back up during the day time.   
We love sharing our new home with friends and family.  So much to do and never have enough time to do it all.  More pictures and stories to tell.........
    Continued tomorrow.......

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