Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, July 20, 2012

Blue Angels

One of the perks of living  in the Pensacola area is that you live where the Blue Angels live.   They practice Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and we can go watch them whenever we wish but the big show of the year is always the week-end after the 4th of July - The Blue Angels Airshow!  The show is directly over Pensacola Beach and brings in people from all over......very crowded.    Matter of fact, most people are arriving between 6 and 8 a.m. to find parking.   The Angels do two practice shows - one on Friday and one on Thursday.   We went to the Thursday show and here is how it went.

We stopped at Shaggy's for lunch on the beach first.  It was so hot and I realized we should of brought the beach umbrella.   Once we got to the beach I knew we needed the beach umbrella.   As I said, it was hot, hot, hot!!!!   There were some umbrellas with chairs set up for rental purposes and I said we are taking these no matter the cost.   Well, it turned out the cost was only $15.00.    That umbrella saved us from the extreme heat.

So we (Ron, Dave, Mike, and myself) had about an hour wait for the show.   But the people themselves are a show to watch.   Interesting bathing suits, colorful umbrellas and tents set up throughout the beach.   Everyone wants to see the Blue Angles.

And then there was a loud roar and the excitement began.  
They often fly 18inches from each other.   Imagine. 
This is a picture from PNJ that shows one pilot's view of Pensacola Beach and other jet.

The next day was Mike and Ron's last day of vacation.   Don't leave!   But they both had to go back to work.   So we had a relaxing day of a bit of shopping, walking on the beach, and good food.   They took off after dinner and drove during the night.   It is so hard to do that but cuts time off the trip and makes going though the big cities so much easier.
We miss Ron and love him lots.   Come down here more!   We enjoyed Mike's company so much for the week.   Come back Mike!   Sage was so cute and fun.   Come back to visit Sage!

Ok Kacey!   I know you really didn't mind Sage chasing you when you did not want to be chased, playing with your toys, and eating your food.    I think Kacey likes cousin Sage to stay up in Indiana.

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