Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, July 16, 2012

Whole Family Is Here .......part 2

First I will start with today's activities before I go on with last week's family get together.   After doing some paper work this morning, we took off for the beach.  It was hot, hot, hot!  But we used the tent that Betty and Kirk bought us and it helped a great deal.   The water had lots of the seaweed in it so you had to walk around through that if you wanted to enjoy the waves.  Tonight we ran out to a barbecue restaurant and then stopped at Belks to pick up some pink flip flops that I wanted.  Yes, another pair.   I like the silver ones so well that I picked up a pair of hot pink.
So on to last week......

We were entertained by the Greyhound Dog Races one evening.   There are 13 races to bet on and we all have our own system of choosing which dog to bet on.   Mike's system was just choose number 7 in each race.   It worked as well as anything.

Ron looks happy  doesn't he?   We were at Flounders.   The week was so busy we never made it down to Fort Pickens with Mike.   Actually, the reason for that is that Thursday and Friday the beach was crowded because of the Blue Angels practices.  
The beach is just minutes from our house and this time of year the beach umbrellas decorate it like ornaments on a Christmas tree.  
Kacey spent the week trying to get away from Sage - Ron's black lab.    Sage just wanted to play but Kacey does not like a big lab walking over her so she was not always so happy.  I think she is saying here "tell this pup to quit playing with my toys, drinking my water, and following me around!"
Tomorrows blog will be about the Blue Angels show.  We had ring side seats!  

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