Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


There are days you wake up and don't have any particular plans but you never know what is coming your way.  Maybe just another adventure.   Yesterday there was a large ship docked at the Pensacola Port and Dad loves these large ships so we ran over to see it.   It was 2  1/2 football fields long.  But that was not the adventure.   As we parked the car I noticed a fisherman by the rail and a pelican up close to him.  Pelicans do like to steal bait if they can but this one was especially close and did not move as if fearful of the man.   Matter of fact, as the man open his bait bag, the pelican kept putting his bill in it.  As I moved up to take a picture I could hear the man talking to the pelican. 
And this is his story.   He is homeless and comes to the port to fish every morning for food.  Six months ago, he saw a pelican that had fishing hooks in his bill.  He picked up the pelican and removed all the hooks.  Ever since the pelican joins him for his morning fishing excursions and has been named Bucky by the fisherman.  
It brought tears to my eyes to see the relationship between these two.   Bucky clearly loved him and wanted to be by his side.  He would reach out and pet Bucky and talk to him as if he was his best friend (and I believe he is!).  Bucky would put his bill on the man's arm - no fear - just companionship.
  Bucky finally did let me pet him - at first he wasn't sure but the fisherman told him it was ok.  I understood immediately that Bucky only allowed me to pet him because his trusted friend said it was ok.  What an honor for me to be allowed near a beautiful creature such as this. He was so soft and his eyes were always looking at his devoted friend.  Soon the man was out of bait and was going to leave.  I asked about what Bucky does at this time and he said that Bucky enjoys the bay just as all pelicans do but when his friend returns in the morning to fish, he is right by his side. Is there any greater gift?
This morning's adventure was a true inspiration to me of kindness and love and I consider it a gift that these two friends allowed me, for a few moments, share their friendship.  I hope to see Bucky and his friend enjoying many beautiful mornings together and maybe, just maybe, they will again share their friendship with me.  So this is the story of a man down on his luck and his friend for life - Bucky.
And on to one other little thought.  We are going up to Indiana to visit family and friends and staying with my brother Ron.   Ron has a new puppy.   This is what Kacey, my pug, thinks of the new competition..........we will work on Kacey's attitude.

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