Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beautiful Evening

It was a warm day here in Gulf Breeze and we started the day taking my friend Nicole out to breakfast for her birthday and then we ran over to the zoo. After lunch I threw in chicken breast in a crock pot with a jar of salsa and taco seasoning.  The smell was!  Chicken tacos with taco chips - very good and easy.  The problem with the crock pot is that you must smell the food cooking all afternoon and you can't even open it to taste. 
One of the Pensacola Beach landmarks is the water tower on Casino Beach.  It is getting a new face lift.  I would NOT want that job. 
After our chicken tacos we drove down to Fort Pickens to watch the sunset.
Most of you know this guy - my Dad. 
Also enjoying the sunset is my brother, Dave.
We stopped at Sonics on the way home for ice cream.
And now that we are home, Mom and I are watching Dancing With The Stars.
Who will win?   Well, I am pretty sure who is going home today.
NO SPIDERS ALLOWED!One BAD thing happened today.   While cleaning in my bedroom a large, and I mean LARGE black spider was found.    Need I say I was not happy.  I would rather have a snake in there than a large spider.  Florida does have some yucky creatures that I do not welcome into our house.  My friend Nicole had 7 scorpions in one week.  No creepy crawly insects allowed!
Other than the visit from the spider, it was a relaxing day with Dave.  Looking forward to tomorrow!

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