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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Butt Biter

I haven't blogged for sometime since we just spent 9 days up in Hobart (Indiana).  We stayed at my brother Ron's and had a great time visiting friends and family.  The first night we went to the HMS Band Concert.  My first concert as an audience member seemed so strange but I enjoyed the concert lots!  Then on Friday we headed to Monticello to see friends.
 Dad's friend Elmer has been a great woodworking buddy.  I know they miss each other's company.  We also saw Ruth, Mike, Jim, Millie, Marcia at Marcia's Flower Cart, Betty at Shears, our friends at Trios and Anglers.  We also ran by Mom and Dad's old house. 
Saturday Betty and Kris and I went to Shipshewana.  Kelly was going also but did not feel well.  We ate and shopped and had a great time.  Our friends John and Tammy came from Chicago for dinner on Sunday.
This picture is my cousin Sandy and her silly husband Jim. (Yes, I said it.  Silly!)  Both work of the Lake County Parks Department and we love visiting with them whenever possible.   I think Sandy and I take it upon ourselves to keep up with all the family news and then share with each other.  We ordered pizza and ate at Ron's house.
Here is a great picture of Mom and her brother, Carl.   We all had lunch together one of the days but my Aunt Doris was not feeling well so we did not get to see her.  I love this picture of Mom!  So pretty!
I got to have dinner with Kelly and her daughter Natalie.   She is a hoot.  Kelly and I were talking too long about school and the 8 year old Natalie informed us that "there is a kid here you know!"   In other words,  quit talking about school!!!    Natalie is going to Italy for Spring Break with her Daddy.  Oh, the life of an 8 year old.
Hey, if you want a great vacation, make reservations at my brother Ron's house.   Great meals on the grill, entertainment supplied by a new puppy, and evening entertainment.   One night he made a campfire in the backyard (no marshmallows though).  We loved staying with Ron EXCEPT I slept on a blow-up bed for 9 nights.  Ok but it sure makes you appreciate your own bed.   I think it was loosing air.   I think Ron was letting air out every day just to be mean. 
We also got to see Sue and Gordan, Eric, Dean, and Brian from school. can see that it was a busy 9 days.  Very busy. 

Now on to the next topic.   The Butt Biter.
Ron has a 11 week old black lab puppy named Sage.  So cute and she bounced where ever she went but my Kacey (9 year old pug)  was afraid of her.  Here was this fast moving dog jumping into her face and it really scared her.  Matter of fact, she would not eat for 2 days and we had to act like her protectors.  You know how puppies like to nip?  Well, she would nip at Kacey's butt and Kacey hated that!  So I call her the Butt Biter.
Sage is so cute, isn't she?  Kacey just doesn't see it.  It wasn't until the second to last day that we could get them together, calmly, for a picture.   Mom is the peace maker here.
If you want more information about The Butt Biter, I mean Sage, go to Ron's blog
Be prepared.  He is the king of puns.
It was a wonderful visit to Indiana.  We loved seeing everyone and would of loved to see more people if time allowed.  Dave drove back to Florida with us.....over night......straight through.   Ugh!! On top of that, my allergies were as bad as they have ever been.  You know, your eyes feel like they are bugging out of your head.   But we were home early morning and I slept until noon.   Allergies are better now, thank you very much! 
Future Plans
Dave is here for Spring Break so we are going to have some fun beach time in the next few days.   Then Betty and Kirk come in with Kris (all friends from HMS) flying in for Spring Break.  So life has been very busy and Spring is here but it seems like summer - 84 degrees.  Great beach weather!  Take care all!

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