Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dave's Spring Break

We just got back from the sad journey of taking Dave to the airport.  He is heading back to Monticello to finish the final 2 months of school and enjoy the beautiful Indiana spring.   But whenever we take Dave or Ron to the airport to return home, it leaves us with a longing to have them stay.  I think Dave had a great week - I know Mom, Dad, and I did.  We did the beach - duh!!!   Dave enjoyed doing some odd jobs around the house - working on the patio and planting vegetable plants.   Our first garden in Florida.  This includes tomatoes of various kinds, green peppers, cucumber, mint, and parsley.  
Dave spent time enjoying the waves while Dad looked for shells.  I think he needed Ron here so they could go boogie boarding.  
We enjoyed a visit from Tammy and her family.   Tammy is on Dave's team at school - she teaches math (Dave teaches science).  Tammy and her family spent the week at Destin on the Gulf and ran over to see our house.  Off we all went to Flounders for lunch.   No restaurant is more "beachy"!  I loved meeting Tammy knowing what good friends she and Dave have become through years of teaching together.
One of the things that Dave and I have in common is our love for technology.   We are both on our smart phones and computers in our spare time.  
Before you know it, it is time for Dave to go home.   Boo-hoo!  Kacey likes having Dave here because Dave chases her, takes her for walks, and sits with her on his lap.   What else is there in life for a little doggie?
Tomorrow night Betty and Kirk come in to visit during their Spring Break.  The beach is on the agenda and also going to Alabama to a war museum.   Kris, is coming in on Tuesday and will be here until Saturday.  We have a great week ahead of us.
The weather is warm and the sun can burn you in a short time so back to sunblock! 

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