Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kelly and her family visits!

Nothing is better than to have close friends or family visit, especially when you were used to seeing them almost every day.  So The Rehlanders - Kelly, Steve, Natalie, and Colin spent the week on Pensacola Beach. Of course I got to visit lots and come along on some of their activities.
I went with them to Fort Pickens to watch the BLUE ANGLES.  Also watched the kids one night so Kelly and Steve could have a date night, and Dad and I went to the beach with them.  
Best of all, we all spent the 4th of July together with a barbecue and hours in the pool.  I know it was their vacation but I had such a great time!

They  were here during 4th of July Week and didn't let the traffic bother them.   Most days were sunny and hot!

Steve finished swimming and relaxing on patio.  I got to know Steve lots better this week!  He is funny, smart, and he and Kelly make a great couple.

Colin just having a great time.  (Chocolate cookie on the mouth.   I was babysitting and not above bribing.)

Kelly and Natalie looking for shells (without crabs in them).

Colin giving painful hugs to Steve on the beach.

Beach time!!

The swimming pool at their condo.  They were on the 11th floor.   Our family had stayed in this condo when we vacationed on the beach.   It is a wonderful condo.....and the view is fabulous!!!!!!

 I left a doll scene on the table for Colin and Natalie.   I heard Colin did. not. like. THIS!!

Kelly and Natalie coming back from the beach.

 Natalie soaking in the rays.  Why she is sideways - I don't know.
I would of loved to keep Natalie for a few weeks!  She would wear me down but 
loves the pool!

Do you think there are enough toys in the pool?

Mom and Dad enjoying the 4th of July pool activity.

Dad on the beach looking for shells.  

Natalie and Colin after swimming and eating on the 4th.  

Natalie getting a beach tattoo. Temporary, of course.

Colin showing his tattoo to Kacey.  Ah, I am not sure Kacey had any interest.

Mom and Kacey immediately after Kelly, Steve, Natalie, and Colin left for the airport.   Kacey was not happy to have them leave.  (I wasn't either.)

Kelly is very special to me and always will be!  We worked together for years, experienced the best of our lives and the worst, shared the pain and the happiness!     She was always there for me and I hope she feels the same.  I pray, wish, and hope for much love and happiness in her future. Oh, did I mention, Kelly took over my band position when I retired and is doing a great job!  

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!   I sure did!!

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