Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Giraffes are incredibly beautiful!

We drive by them every day. We feed them when at the zoo.

For me, their eyes are mesmerizing - such beauty and depth.

They are so calm but I understand can be skittish when something changes in their surroundings.
Our zoo has four giraffes - one is a baby.  

Another favorite photo that I have taken is under the Navarre fishing pier.  The day this was taken was sunny with little wave movement.  Oh, how that can change.

Mom and I ran to the store and SUBWAY  and above us flew two of the Blue Angels.   I said "I love living somewhere that the Blue Angels can fly over you during practice."   Mom replied, "I love living somewhere that it is not unusual that vehicles go by with surf boards, paddle boards, and kayaks."  Yep, your right Mom.
97 Degrees today - I hate to hear what the heat index might be.   Dad is golfing....yes, golfing in this heat.  Just watching the NASA pictures of Pluto.   Just amazing.  I so wish the young generation would not take such things for granted. 
Keep cool !

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