Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My favorite Pensacola Beach spots

I have some friends visiting Pensacola Beach for the first time and that has brought back memories of things we enjoyed in a one week vacation on the beach.   Of course, weather allowed for all it or just some of it.

Of course, you come to Gulf Coast for the beaches.   The beautiful white sand and blue water.

Shaggys is on the sound and you sit up on a balcony looking out at the boats and paddle boarders.   Food is great and not pricey.

This is the side of a new restaurant at the foot of the Pensacola Beach Pier.  (You can walk the pier for a couple of bucks and it is quite a view out of the end.  This is Casino Beach Grill.  New and wonderful!

Fort Pickens is full of history and you can walk through the entire fort.  Just watch out for the ghost dog!

A great picture in the fort.

This is the spaceship house - on the way to Navarre Beach.   I believe there have been only 4 or 5 built in the country.

The boardwalk.  There are little shops, pizza restaurant, hamburger restaurant, and at the end is ALVINS - more souvenirs than you can possibly imagine.

These two pictures show Flounders Chowder House.  Great food and sandy areas for kids to play.  

Hemingways is one of my favorites.  You can sit out on the upper patio and see the view of the sound.  Food is pricey and wonderful.  BUT the good news is that they have a $10.00 menu that offers many delicious dinners for $10.    Plus look on line and get a coupon.   What a deal.

Peg Leg Petes is the most famous restaurant on the beach.  Get there early so you don't have a long wait.  

And we never failed to visit historic Pensacola and Palafox Street.  This Church was built in the 1800's like many of the buildings in historic Pensacola.   It is now used for weddings.

Crabs is a restaurant right on the Gulf of Mexico.  And you can guess their specialty but they also have hamburgers.   There is a sandy area for kids to play.   

There is so much more.  But it is getting late, Kacey is snoring, and I am tired.   Hoping for not much rain tomorrow so I am off to bed and I'll continue this tomorrow.

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