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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Will uploading work? YES!!!! Disney

Let's See If This Works?!?!?!?

Oh yes!   Thank you computer magic dust!  After several hours of work I got it working again.  Whew!!

So now that I can again do my blog, the pictures will be a smorgasbord of pictures from the last month and a half.   So above is our trip to Disney World last week.  So much fun.  We spent a day in Hollywood Studios.

Dad, Mom, Me, and Sandy going into the Polynesian Luau Dinner.  The food was great - BQ chicken, pork shreaded, and ribs.  Pineapple bread - I must learn how to make.  Bread pudding with caramel sauce for desert.  The show was in three parts and wonderful.  Thank you Disney!

Dad in his leis.   He also got a kiss.  

Sandy with her leis and eating the salad.

Mom with her leis also working on the salad.  Pineapple coleslaw and fresh pineapple, salad with mango dressing. 

We saw Beauty and the Beast.  Row one!  What a wonderful view. That was maybe our favorite of the day.

We have some flowers here in Gulf Breeze.   Mostly pansies but of course Disney has beautiful flowers everywhere.   Soon it will be their Flower Show in March.   I went last year and was in awe of the beauty.

We ate lunch at the Fifties Restaurant in Hollywood Studios.   EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!

Those Disney buses get crowded and we were there at one of the least crowded days of the year.

Kacey stayed at Best Friends in Disney World.  When we walked in, their guest's pictures rotate up on their tv screen.   Look at my cute Kacey.

Kacey sent me an email on day two that she was having a great time, made lots of friends, and was eating her food.  Along with it came this picture.


What a joy it is to walk out your door and pick a mango orange off of your own tree.  It is a small tree but gave us 18 oranges this year.  So sweet!!

Here is a beach sandman waving hello to all!

The quality of some of these pictures could be better.  My IPhone had an unfortunate accident and died during the trip but now I have the new IPHONE 6.   I have not even really taken pictures with it yet so we shall soon see how the quality of those come out.

  • Everyone is healthy.   Let's keep it that way.
  • Kelly and her family are coming down for a week the end of June.  I just can't wait!
  • My lessons are getting ready for Solo and Ensemble Contest mid February.   Have have students that I so enjoy working with in lessons.
  • We purchased a few new large pots for our pool area decorations and need to get to work on pulling some plants out that did not make it through the 30 degree weather.
  • My Aunt Sandy has been to almost every Disney trip with us and she is so fun!   We love her company......come back soon Sandy!    She says she wants to wait until the pool is warm.
  • Speaking of pool, I bought a new bathing suit today so I am ready.

I hoped to drive over to the beach and take some pictures tomorrow but it is going to be rainy so I will wait for a sunny day.  Our weather has been wonderful for January - upper 60's and sunny.  Hey, if I can wear capris and flip flops - I am happy!   

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