Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have some pictures to post; no specific order or subject.  Mostly of Christmas so let's start with those.  And the pictures are tiny.  For some reason I can't upload the pictures from my IPHONE to the computer properly.  I have already worked on this problem for several hours......frustrating!

  Our Tree always has a star on top.

  The bulbs all have a history.

 Ron and I.

   Dave and Ron beginning with gifts.  Oh yes, and Sage.

  A giraffe Holly and Tom bought Mom.  It is beautiful.

   Mom was weak from surgery so we took her for a ride by the beach.  Hot chocolate to make the ride even more special!


   Merry Christmas morning.

   No snowmen but sandmen can be found.

  On their 61st Anniversary.

   Ornament - Santa boating.

  Neighbors had New Year's Day brunch.  YUM!

   Dad opening gifts.

  Beautiful sunsets.

   This guy hangs around a lot when Ron is here.

These two silly dogs!  I was trying for a picture for next year's Christmas card and do you think they would both look forward at the same time?   To honest, Kacey was the biggest problem.
63 Degrees here today and that is noteworthy if you know the extreme cold temperatures that Indiana is having.   And it is going to get worse.   I went to Target today because I read on Facebook about the Christmas deals that were 90% off.   I did get a few things.   The Target I went to is in Fort Walton and it is a beautiful drive along the water.  Another unusual pet service they have here is the Pet Caravan.   They visit the Walgreens throughout the county each month and you can get your dog or cat's shots at a cheaper fee.   This is the 4th year we have done this with Kacey.  
Our trip to Disney World is coming soon and we still have not decided which park to go to this time.   We do one park on each trip.   For now, that is it and again I have a snoring doggy at my feet so it is bedtime for us.
Keep warm everyone........

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