Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Cloudy Day on the Beach

Yes, all my friends in Northwest Indiana - I am going to say it!   "It is CHILLY COLD here!"   It it is 50 degrees, north wind, and rained all day.  And I know you are much more cold....much more.   But this is a damp chill that goes through you.   So I said it.  And yes, I remember what 20 degrees feels like but it is amazing how you get used to the warmer weather.
Because it has been cool and cloudy, my latest beach pictures are called At the beach on a cloudy day.

This is the entrance to the fishing pier - the 2nd longest in the Gulf of Mexico. This Bar and Grill has just been added - I am anxious to go try it out.  There were people out walking on the pier and some fishermen.

The Pavilion is where the beach concerts are held.    This man is practicing his boxing.

This man stopped to talk to Dad.  Lots of people on their bikes.  There are several places to rent bikes for the day.

Part of the fishing pier.  This is Casino Beach and there are life guards there every day.

This is a beautiful condo that my family stayed at 10 years ago.  This is where my friend Kelly and her family are staying this summer.  Right on the beach with a pool in between.  She will be spoiled.

This was taken with the care moving 35 miles per hour.  Still a good shot for my IPhone 6.  Winter on the beach means the sand oats turn a greenish brown.  Those clouds were introducing us to the weather front that gave us 1 1/2 days of rain.

The road between Pensacola Beach and Navarre.  The gulf on one side and the sound (inter coastal) on the other.   Water everywhere!  And here is our version on the Indiana snow plow.  Notice the brushes in the remove blown sand from the road.

Dad with some beach shops behind dog shop, breakfast and lunch, laundry, and souvenir shop.

This guy was amazing - kite boarding.   The waves were coming in fast and he was moving on that water.   Never saw him fall.

The Pensacola Beach Ball Water Tower on Casino beach.

The beach received a grant to plan more palms.  There were lots of palms before and lots more now.

It did rain starting yesterday afternoon through this evening.  We need the rain and I had bills to pay so staying put today was not a problem.  I have some lessons to give tomorrow - Solo & Ensemble is 2 weeks away.   I think Dad and I both are anxious for the cooler rainy weather to leave so we can start doing some yard work.   We do not have to cut grass in the winter here but we have areas to put new pine needles down for our mulch.  Pool is looking great but just too, too cold to swim.  I just called my brother in Hobart.   While reading Facebook, I saw that some of the roads that he travels have black ice and I wanted to warn him.  Yes, I nag him 900 miles away!
                     Take care - keep warm and dry!

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