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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cold Everywhere

Well, cold here!  
         Colder further north!  
                   Colder yet even more further north than that!!
                                    And  DOWN RIGHT FRIDGED when you get to the upper states!
Checking out the weather Channel at 11:30 PM Hobart, Indiana is -7°. And hour and a half south Monticello Indiana is -8°.  Gulf  Breeze,  Florida is a toasty 34° and going down to 24 degrees by 5 a.m.    Yes,I said toasty. Because after 55 years of living in Northwest Indiana, I so remember zero and below degrees and the wind blowing.  I really hate to remember using the snowblower to clear the driveway and the wind blows the snow back into your face.
Any temperature below freezing here in Florida can cause problems. We have always heard of the orange groves losing a lot of their trees because of the frost. The same happens with some of the palm trees and many of the tropical plants that grow here.  Because of that we cover some of the plants to protect them - with the sheets over them they look like a ghosts's convention in our yard.  Other than covering water Spicket's and some of the pipes for the pump that is about all we can do to protect ourselves from the cold.
We won't have any ice or snow on the ground when we get up in the morning.  There will be frost on the windshield but if you wait till later in the morning that too will be gone.  No snowman, no snowball fights, no ice skating.  Well actually there is an ice skating rink in Destin.  And none of the students that I give private lessons to have ever seen snow in their life.
So to all my family and friends up north keep bundled up, drive safely, and a good supply of hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup seems to help get through the cold winter.
    Take care and keep warm!

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