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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Where Have I Been?

I know, there have been no  postings for awhile - I am so sorry.  It is not because I have had nothing to say but because there has been too much to say.  We have visited the ER, the hospital, and ICU way more than seems possible in the last month.   I will mention a few difficult times we have had in the last month but most of the blog will be on the good times!
  • Mom feels bad on Thanksgiving - taken to ER with twisted bowels - 15 scary days later comes home exhausted and weak.  Kept out after surgery for 48 hours due to swelling of breathing passages.
  • Mom has lots of doctor appointments because of the above surgery.
  • Flu virus A hits Dad hard - took to ER.  Then hits Peggy not so bad. We wore masks in the house so not to spread the germs.    As of yet, Mom is ok.
  • The house next door remains as it was after the fire - quite dangerous. 
Enough of that!  Now the good!
And there is so much good!
  • Mom was home to enjoy Christmas with her boys.  Dave and Ron spent a week here for Christmas.  Her exhaustion hasn't improved but the doctors are working on that.
  • Sandy was here for two weeks while Mom was in the hospital.  What a help to have her here.  We just felt bad that we did not get to go out and have fun more.
  • Thanksgiving was a joy even though Mom was in the hospital.  The Thomas/Basala side of the family was here and it was great to visit.   Tom and Holly stayed an extra day and we visited Mom.   Dad and Tom hung out together, and we went to the Fish House for dinner!  WOW!  What a delicious meal!
  • The nurses loved the story that Mom got up and prepared the turkey and placed it into the pan.  Then said "I need to go to emergency."   A good old-fashion American woman.  Cook the meal before you go to the ER.
  • I shopped more on-line than I ever had done before and got some great deals - especially from Maceys.
  • All Christmas decor is down and back in the attic.  Ahhhhh....I love Christmas but love also getting the house back to normal.
  • Warm weather - about 70 degrees each day makes for capris and flip flops.  
  • And I am so excited!  Can you guess why?  Yep!  We are heading to Disney World this month.  We have not decided which park to go into yet but I have our reservations in All Star Music and Best Friends Kennel for Kacey.     I also have reservations for an afternoon Tea Party for Mom, Sandy, and I in the Floridian.   (Dad will not go to that so he can have some time on his own.) 
So tomorrow is THE day.  You know, the day all kids and teachers go back to school.   You can just feel the depression in the air.  But I can tell you, by 11:00 am, you feel that you have been back for days and you are back into the groove. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  We did and look forward to 2015


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