Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moving Into Spring

It is Spring Break time on Pensacola Beach.    Lot of people visiting, mostly families and the restaurants and shops are filled with anxious tourists ready to spend their money.  The other day, for Dad's birthday, we went to Hemingway's for dinner and I shot a couple of pictures with my camera.

This is taken around 6 pm at the sound.  Calm waters helped to make the evening's dinner relaxing.

Most people have left the beach and the few  stragglers are heading off towards their cars.   Again, this is the Sound.   The Gulf of Mexico is right at the other side of these condos.  

Most days are in the low 70's and NO HUMIDITY.   

Dave is here for Spring Break and we ran over to Joe Patties today.  While driving by the ball park there were the two most interesting kites I have ever seen so in we pulled to check them out closer.   Kite flying is an adult activity here in the Pan Handle and some of the kites cost a pretty penny.    The parrot kite must be 10-12 feet long  and the crocodile below is even larger.  

After dinner, we took a drive down to Fort Pickens and saw this incredible cloud formation in the sky.   People on the island were standing and gazing up at this picturesque formation in the sky.

I am going to end today's post with a crazy. fun camping bus that we enjoyed looking at in the Fort Pickens Camp Ground.  This old bus has an old Volkswagen van connected to its roof.   This is down right crazy fun.  Maybe not my style of camping though.   I would prefer one of those RVs with air conditioning, heat, microwave, oven, flat screen tv, etc.    You get the picture.  

With Dave here this week I am sure we will have a busy 5 days.  And can you believe it?   It snowed in Indiana again.  Mother Nature has really been showing off this winter.   I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break and ready to see some of those pretty tulips poking through the ground.    Take Care!!

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