Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April wind and showers

I haven't been here for awhile and I really don't have lots of pictures but here is the latest.

We were walking on the Pensacola Beach Pier on a windy, cloudy day and the waves were coming in fast and furious.  Pictures just never seem to do the power of the gulf justice.

Surfers love this weather.

We lost some plants in the ice storm so we will be slowly replacing them.   I bought these at Lowes.  One of my favorite past times is perusing all the flowers and plants in the Lowes garden section.

I bought two of these for in the back yard.

Our house was build in 2006 lived in for a few years and then the owner lost the house to the bank.   It sat empty for 3 years (maybe?) and then we purchased it.   The carpeting was the original put in by the contractor - low grade in other words.  There were stains on it before we moved in and the dirt tracks have become more noticeable with my busy family in and out.  So, it was time.  I prices several stores for carpeting and actually thought I would be using Lowes but Mom and I had purchased a rattan chair from Gene's Carpet and Flooring in Gulf Breeze so I stopped there to check.  I found the carpet that I wanted and upgraded the padding, free installation, free moving furniture, and free pulling out and throwing away old carpet.   Once I was down to two pieces to choose from I brought them home and studied them in the dark hallway and by the sunny windows.   Decision made!
          So new carpeting is being put in next Friday!

I actually wanted the ceramic tile but Mom has fallen a few times and I prefer her to fall on soft carpeting rather than on hard tile.

That's it for now - I need to pay some bills and get some coupons ready for the grocery store later.  It is a bit gloomy today so it is a good day to do these jobs.   Happy Spring to all!

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