Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Rain? Really!?

Today was a day of rain.  Pouring, driving rain in the morning and continuous softer rain in the afternoon and evening.  Cloudy skies make you feel like vegetating on the couch reading a book - which is what I did.
(My spoiled doggy has an umbrella held over her in the rain so she will go potty.)
Tomorrow I have a man from the carpet store coming to measure the living room for tile but I am afraid the cost will be too much for me right now.  At least I will have the correct measurements and price.  We also had a sales rep from one of the lawn service companies stop and talk to us about our palms.  They are sad because of the ice storm several weeks ago.   The ice was thick enough to allow kids to sled down streets and pull branches and palms off of trees.  Since it was 19 degrees, some of the palms can't live in the frigid temperature so it is questionable if they are going to live.

Shot from in front of our house to the east.  Lots of fast moving clouds.

Actually, this palm is not too bad.  Half of it is still green and the stems are all green.

This is the top of our palm tree.  I WAS beautiful.  It has a lot of regrowing repair to do.  It makes me sad to look at it.

Our banana trees have been stripped but they tend to grow quite fast.

 My Disney Souvenir:   I bought this at the Flower and Garden Show last week at Disney World.  Notice the Mickey hat on this cute pink flamingo.   He has quite a personality and nose.  

It is like I said in an earlier post.  This day after day cloudiness seems to effect me more and more.  I so want to see the sun and I believe Tuesday and on that will happen.  

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