Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It has been just a dreary day.
I have found on days that are cloudy and rainy my energy level drops.   No sun, ugh!
We ran over to the SUBWAY on Pensacola Beach for lunch since I wanted SUBWAY and to see what the beach area was like with spring breakers.   They were walking around - it had not started raining yet but you knew it was coming.  I always feel bad for people that spend their money for a week in the sun and then it rains.  Just one of Mother Nature's tricks. 

Later at home I worked on paying bills and checking out the budget.  Then Dad and I visited a neighbor down the street that has had health issues.  The final stop was a craft store that has opened up down the road, maybe 3 miles away.   It is a sort of a consignment craft store and Dad is going to make some napkin rings to sell.  He has orders for three different items so he better get to work.

So it is raining, nothing on television that I wish to watch, and dinner is finished.  I think that I will read for awhile.  Not that I don't have things to do.   I just don't want to do much at all right now.   That is what a rainy, cloudy, and windy day does to me.


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