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Monday, March 18, 2013

Whew! Cold!

Cloudy, Cloudy Days.......
It is cold here!  28 degrees right now and the days are cloudy with cold, misty rain.  It isn't the cold that is so bad but the lack of sunshine.  When the sun shines, it is as if Mother Nature is smiling at you.  But that is Indiana in March.   We are having a great time despite the gloomy days.   Today I got to see my friends from school and also met cousin's Sandy and Jim for dinner.  It is great keeping close to friends and relatives.  Tomorrow Dad and Ron are going golfing in an indoor driving range and then we are all off to see the Wizard of Oz movie.
It was great seeing Kris - teaches foreign languages, Kelly - band, Betty - FACS, and Eric - science today.  They are all so happy and have exciting things happening in their lives. Eric shaved his head for a good cause.....hmmmmmm.  It will grow back.     Spring break is a hot topic of discussion - I think Betty is the only one going away but all are ready for a break   I don't blame them!
This new computer is pretty cool, let me tell you.  We got a 22 1/2 inch monitor with it so what a difference it is compared to Dad's old (older than dirt) computer.  We also dropped a lap top off at Three Dog Net in Hobart.   A past student of mine owns the business and it looks like he has it running again.  Yea for Anthony!!
Hoosiers love their snowy, white winters - especially at Christmas time but now there is
so much brown everywhere.  Trees without leaves, no flowers, brown dormant grass, the typical way Indiana looks until the Spring showers arrive and clean everything up from winter. How can anyone here not anxiously look forward to the first day of Spring!
 I know when we get back home, we are also getting back to bright colors.  When we left the flowers were blooming in pinks and white.  The green palms and pine trees are beautiful against the bright blue sky.  If you want to see more colors, head to the beach to see blue, yellow, and red beach umbrellas, beach toys, and brightly decorated beach towels against the gleaming white sand.
I love Indiana.  I love Florida.  I am a Hoosier living in Florida OR was I a Floridian living in Indiana???  I am happy being both!   Keep warm all you fellow Hoosiers - it is now gone down to 27 degrees!   Ugh!!!!!

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