Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Short & Sweet

Today was a cold and windy day so a few of us went to see OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.   I highly recommend this movie.  It was fun, exciting, colorful and a good way to spend a cold March afternoon.  But the ticket prices were too much!  Especially since it was a 3D movie and don't even get me going on a medium diet coke and a medium popcorn.  OVER $9.00!  Oh my gosh.   So a simple afternoon at the movies came to almost $20.  for one person.   That is just way too much.
But as I said, I enjoyed the movie.
Later, Mom and I stopped in to see some friends - Sue and Gordon.   Picked up Dairy Queen treats on the way home.   We don't have a DQ close to us in Florida.....actually I am better off that way without the temptation close to home.  The bad news is Dad is not feeling well tonight so I don't know if we are going to Monticello tomorrow.  Ron works tomorrow and then has basketball in the evening so he has a busy day on Wednesday.  
 Hope he gets a good night's rest tonight.   And the same to all of you!

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