Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tourist - part 2

After Visiting Fort Pickens, we went to ride the large "Wheel of Excellence".  Wow!  When at the top you are as high as any of the condos and see WAY down the island and out in the Gulf of Mexico.

The inside is air conditioned and comfy.
And The View......
Then we road down the road toward Navarre Beach and went past the famous spaceship house.  There were under 10 made in the country and it has withstood all the hurricanes where other houses have failed.
The day's drive ended at the other end of the island in Navarre.  Loved this direction/sign in some one's yard.  Something similar to that would look so cute in our backyard.
Sightseeing tour ended by leaving Navarre Beach- over the bridge - and back to highway 98 in Navarre.  After a short stop for an ice cream cone, home we went. 
Just another day in paradise!

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