Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back in Gulf Breeze

We are back in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  Wow!  What a day!  In the 80's and sunny.   Dave is here for the week week so off went to Subway on the beach.   Forget that.  The Spring breaks and locals were all heading out to the beach so traffic was backed up.  We stopped at the Subway further up on Gulf Breeze and ate there.  Then to Bealls shopping.   Now, in case you don't know about Beall's and you like coastal stores, you must check out this department store or go online and check them out.   I got a pair of knee length shorts and a pair of capris.  50% off with another 15% off.  Good deal, huh!  Dave got sandals for himself and another pair for a gift.  
This is what it is doing in Indiana right now.   Matter of fact, my other brother is in Fort Wayne for a basketball game and I hope he gets home safely.  Indianapolis is really getting hit - that last big storm before spring.
Here is Dave - happy with the warm weather.  I remember that Spring Break feeling of warmth on your face instead of cold and sleet and snow.  
Yesterday we ran over to the beach to walk but the wind was strong and it was a cloudy, foggy day.  Today, it is the exact opposite. 
 I haven't unpacked yet.   I HATE doing that but I guess I must.  Some tasty rump roast is cooking in the slow cooker for French Dip for tonight.  YUM!  So I am off for now and all my friends and family up in snow storms - please take care and be safe.

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