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Friday, June 15, 2012

Gardening - Success or Failure

We are experimenting with gardening and flowers this early summer and we are enjoying some success and some droopy plants. Maybe part of that is one of our gardeners.   (Pictured below)
Just kidding.  Dad works hard on the flowers and garden.   He is just dangerous on the tractor.
Our flowers are doing great.   All blooming with beautiful colors to enjoy.

These annuals are beautiful and just bloom and bloom in the heat.
Ok, now on to the problem areas.   Our tomatoes and bad - I understand the saying rotten tomatoes - it could be used describe our garden.  They have not produced much but bugs, caterpillars, and yellow leaves.   But look at the cucumbers we are getting.  Big Huh??  This one was eaten yesterday.

And the peppers and producing but the plants themselves are small so I don't know how long they will last.  I don't think much longer. 

The last picture today is about my little, baby lemon tree.   It is tiny and has not grown much at all but I see something........yes, I think it is........yes, a baby LEMON!
One lemon.   It better be a good one.

These last few days have been the usual.  Today I got the oil changed in my car and was informed that it is time for new tires.   UGH!!!!!!  More money!   Really, I new this was coming.  I also got the next set of lenses for my new contacts.   My right eye will see  far - my left reads.   So my brain needs to learn to work with my eyes each having separate vision duties.   Today it was pretty bizarre but it will get better and better.  If I look a bit blurry, you now know why. 

I will end today's post with a sad note......
News came to me last night that every teacher fears.  One of my past students passed away at the age of 20.   Sam was in band for 3 years and a wonderful young man.  How unexpected - he was found on the bike path and had a heart attack.   I have thought about him and his family often today and the grief that they are feeling.   My prayers and thoughts are with the Sam Moore family.

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