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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day

Hey!  Tomorrow is Father's Day so let's talk about my favorite father - my Dad.  Just a brief history on Dad.   He went to Hobart High School and met Mom but did not date her until he was in the Navy.  Once married, they set up house keeping in Pensacola, Florida and then I came along.   After being stationed in Cuba for 9 months, Mom and Dad decided to come back to Indiana.  Dad worked for Indiana Bell Telephone and retired at the age of 55.  He and Mom bought a resort in Monticello on Schafer Lake.  They built Anchor Bay Resort up from a pit to a place that was a great place to visit.   After 7 years they sold the resort and moved to a house on Schafer Lake.   We enjoyed 19 wonderful years with my parents living in the house.  And now we are in Pensacola.   Who knows what wonderful adventures are ahead of us?
So that is a quick synopsis of my Dad's life.  So why is Dad a great Dad?   Well, let me list a few reasons.
1.  He took us fishing and we even caught fish.
2.  We went camping during the summers.
3.   He has a great sense of humor.
4.  He loves to talk.   Lots.   Yes, he talks a great deal.
5.  He is interested in and supports all three of his kids.
6.   He loves my doggy, Kacey.
7.  He can fix anything.
8.  He washes my car.
9.  He went to all my concerts.
10. He will go shopping with me.
11. He is supportive of my problems.
12. He is a great shell finder.
13. He is funny.
14. He is the smartest man I know.
15. He loves me, my brothers, and my Mom - and Dad, we love you too.
Happy Father's Day Dad!
Love - Peggy

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