Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June - And Boy, Is It Summer!!!!

I just got a text from my friend Kathy saying, "Get those blogs going!!" so ok, here I am.  Yes, lots have happened.  Let's just start with today.
It has been raining, pouring, all day long with lots of thunder and I LOVE IT! We don't get many days like this so I enjoy a day of rain. The storms out in the gulf are severe so we went to Subway for lunch on the beach and got out to look at the waves. Big, big, big waves. I was surprised that no one was surfing. They pulled over two dozen people out of the water yesterday. People don't understand the dangers of the surf in this weather.

This is a picture I took over at Pensacola Beach this morning in between the pouring rain. 
I just stepped out the back and took a picture of the rain pouring off our roof. 

I have planted tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers.  All is doing great but the tomatoes.  The green caterpillars get to them and something else does but we can't figure it out.  I have heard it is difficult to plant tomatoes here and I think it is.   We have been putting the tomato powder to keep insects off of them but.......the bugs are smarter than I.  But I have already picked several peppers and some tomatoes.  I also see some cucumber starting to grow.

I am in the process of getting new contacts and since I haven't worn them for 15 years, I am excited about how much better they are now.   My right eye is going to be seeing far away and my left eye will take over reading.   It takes some brain relearning but I am up to it.  I now get to buy those stylish sunglasses that everyone else wears! 

What do these have in common?   Money!   Termite control has been set up for the year (over $800.00).  The Florida termites are aggressive and do major damage to homes so it is necessary to set up termite inspection and protection with a termite company.  Also, we are picking up a generator at LOWES today or tomorrow so that we can have lights, fridge, and fans in case of hurricanes.  Ah, where does the money go????

The picture above is a beautiful white peacock we saw at the zoo last night.  Just perfection.   The zoo had baby monkeys, gorillas, goats, kangaroos, rabbits, and more.   They leave the zoo open until  8:00 on Fridays so you can go and enjoy the cooler evening time and the animals and the animals more around more in the evening.  We have been to the beach but no shells.   WHERE ARE THE SHELLS?   Maybe after these storms we will have some shells pushed up to shore.
My friend Nicole and her family had us over for dinner last week and what a dinner it was!   A wonderful bean and salsa dip, grilled chicken and steak, we brought salad and orange-kiss-me-cake and she had these wonderful strawberries dipped in chocolate also for desert.  Nicole knows how to entertain.

At the end of June, we are going to visit my friends Kathy and Terry in Clearwater.   They have a condo right on the beach and I know Mom is looking forward to getting on their balcony.
Dave is coming a few days before so that he can stay with Kacey and he will be here for a month.  Ron and our friend Mike are planing on coming for a week after the Fourth of July.
Terry and Kathy are spending the night in late August and I might pop up home in early August to visit.   Not sure yet.
Well, it has been busy but I have not been too busy to think of my friends coming to the end of the school year up at home.  They are excited to be off for the summer - I told them that retiring is like being on a long summer break.  Take care all!

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