Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beach time....

Friday it was time to go to the beach!  The weather was perfect....85 degrees but no humidity and just a slight breeze.   The water was perfect for me.  I don't boogie board so I don't need the waves.  Matter of fact, I worry that the waves are going to cause me to strain my knees.  They have caused problelms inthe ,past and are doing so well so I don't like to take chances.  Back to the beach - I was able to go way out in the water and enjoy shelling without being knocked down.  It was so fun!
Notice how calm the water was Friday.  I loved it!

Another room is almost finished.   With friends and family coming in throughout October, we have been trying to get most rooms ready of company.   Today we ran over to Kohls to get sheets for the guest bedroom and I got a gift for 8 year old Natalie's birthday.
I thought I would add another picture of  the house .  The picture above is my room.  It is small but workable with my furniture. 

Today Mom and I did some shopping and weed pulling.  I have no idea what is on tomorrow's agenda.  Have a great Sunday everyone!

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