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Monday, October 17, 2011

Odds and Ends....

Money is my first topic for today.   I am trying to get used to the budget of a retiree and it is tough. I am learning to hate the mail.  It is usually a bill.   Ugh!!!   More thought process has to go into each purchase but I will get the hang of it.
Kacey, my pug, had a follow up visit to the vet today and more unexpected bills came from that!  She is worth it but expensive, not to feed but to keep healthy.   I might look into the pet insurance program. 

Dave is coming for fall break.  He is my brother that lives in Monticello, In and teaches.  Looking forward to his four day stay.   We always have lots of fun and I know we are going to the Oar House.  He loves that outdoor restaurant.  My Aunt Sandy and cousin Tammy are coming Wednesday for a 2 day visit.  Looking forward to seeing has been a long time.
One of the things I miss about Indiana is the boating that we used to do on Lake Shaffer.  We had several boats and loved to get out on the lake.  But all were sold when we headed to Florida.  We felt that our boats would be too small of the gulf...just not safe enough.
But now we live in paradise!   I love living so close to the beach and just running over every day if I wish.  The beauty of the island never gets old to me.   And it is 85 in mid cool is that!

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