Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ron Loves Shelling!

Ron - the younger of my two brothers just spent 10 wonderful days here.  It was so much fun that today seems too quiet and I miss him too much!  Come back Ron!  We did so much as a family.  Shelling and beach was at the top of the list but also went to eat and some great restaurants, went to the zoo several times, some shopping, and more beach.
We ran out to the beach after dinner one evening and just walked the beach.  Being there during the afternoon just wasn't enough.
I love this picture of Ron.   We have two different size nets for shelling - this is the larger - I like to use it because I can go deeper in the water to get larger shells.  Shelling is difficult to understand because one night there are shells everywhere and the next day - nothing!  Very confusing.

Notice how calm the water is in this shot.   Well, I love that because I am known as flopping around in the waves when they get too big.  I just can't seem to stand up.

We have shells, shells, and more shells.   This is just a small selection of our find.  We keep them and plan on putting them around the palm tree in the front.  I will never get tired of the beauty of shells.
Someone else loved having her Ron here for the week.  He chases her all over the house and she loves it!

My friend Nicole taught us how to make a shrimp boil.  So good and so easy.  All in one pot you add red potatoes, corn on the cob, polish sausage, and shrimp.  Throw it all on the table when cooked and eat away!  This is on the menu when Dave, Betty, and Kirk come down in a few weeks.  Here is Mom digging in on the good food!   Way to go Mom!

We went to the zoo several times and I could not keep Ron out of the bird sanctuary.  It is pretty cool, I have to admit.   It is not unusual to have 10 or more birds land on you when you walk in to the enclosure.   One of the best things about the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

The lemon tree at the zoo shows us what my newly planted lemon tree will look like one day.
I have been blessed with two brothers that I love dearly.   I need them and they need me.  We have so much fun together and it is hard to live 900 miles away from each other now but when we get together, which is often, we have fun!   Keep those airline tickets cheap please so we can keep flying back and forth!
Miss you Ron .........but Dave comes in for fall break in two weeks!  YEAH!!

Bye for now!!!!

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