Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ron's here!

It has been lots of fun these last few days.  My brother Ron is here for 10 days and we are busy getting lots of beach time in....but the waves today were too big to go into the water.   We so understand the power of the gulf and don't take chances.   When we picked up Ron at the airport, I love to see that I live somewhere that turtle designs are part of the floor tiles.
Turtle floor design in at Pensacola Airport.

Zoo visit in the bird sanctuary.

The final pictures are of sunsets - so beautiful on the water and Ron and Dad shelling. 
People playing sand volley ball in Navarre. 
We took beach chairs out to the beach to enjoy the sunset Saturday night.

Dad and Ron walking the beach.

Tonight my dog, Kacey is not feeling well.  Nothing is more sad than a sick pug.   I have taken her temperature and she does have a fever, not terrible.  WHY does this dog always get sick on a week-end when you can't take her to the vet???  So unless she is up and moving tomorrow morning, off to find a vet we will go.  I am one of those doggy Moms that will wake up off and on during the night to check on her.   She is my spoiled baby.

Have a great week everyone!

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