Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where to start?

Why start a blog?  I love reading other people's blogs....where they are, where they have been, their talents, family stories, and so much more.  I have always wanted to do a blog so now maybe I have time.   I retired from teaching last June.   The most difficult decision I have ever made.  I love teaching, love teaching where I taught, had great students, and incredible friends.  But my family had a dream to live by Pensacola Beach.  We have vacationed there for years but never thought we would be able to make the move parents.....what can I say about my parents?  (The picture above are my parents.) They love life, are energetic, are not afraid of totally leaving the life they know and love and try something else.  So at first it was talk, just talk.  Oh, you know.  The "I wish we could live there" sort of talk but not do anything about it.   Last September the talk got more serious and by January we were downright serious about Mom and Dad moving to Florida and I would come down when I retired.  I decided three weeks, THREE WEEKS before school was out to retire. The reasons will come in later posts.   People here call the Gulf Coast paradise.  I believe it is a good description of the beauty of the sugar white beaches, palm trees, dolphins skimming the blue/green waters, and pelicans coasting along above your head.  Can't wait to see all I want to see....after all, I am in paradise!
Just a small part of my retirement celebration put on by my wonderful friends.  Miss them all everyday!

We do have people ask why we left the beautiful lake Mom and Dad lived on in Monticello.   Many wonderful years and memories happened on Schafer Lake.

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  1. Welcome! We moved here and made our dream come true. Hope you love it as much as we do. I have a blog chroniciling my life in Florida. if you're interested!