Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Indiana is known for its colors......pure, white snow and vivid fall leaves.  The beach also shows off its colors with tall palms against the blue sky.  All these palm trees have different names but to me, they are just palm trees.  I'll learn the "official"  names later.

I took time off runing errands to stop by PB and have lunch at Castaways.  What a view while enjoying my sandwhich and ice tea.  And the sand is really this white!  
Even floatie toys add their colors to the beach.

 Right now we have boxes, and boxes, and boxes to unpack.  WHERE WILL IT ALL GO?  We had a garage sale Saturday to get rid of some of the doubles that we had - 2 coffee pots, 2 mixers, and more.  When Dave was here we had no furniture..... now we have lots of everything.   Remember that my household and Mom and Dad's household items all came together in one house.  But we have lots of time to do this, even though Betty has made it clear that it is to be done by fall break when she and Kirk come down for four days!  We will try, Betty! 
I miss school, I miss my friends, and my brothers.  But I love living in paradise! 

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