Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22

It is June 22 and I must say, it seems hotter than the other Junes we spent in Florida.  The pool is already up to 92 degrees.   For warm.  Doing yard work after dinner is much more comfortable time to be out.

Next week Kelly, Steve, Natalie, and Colin are coming in and staying on the beach.  Kelly is a great friend and I can't wait for her to see our new home.  We team-taught many years together and went through so much good and bad.   Kelly now has my old job and is doing a great job!!!!  I miss her lots and we talk often on the phone or texting each other.
 Kelly is the blond  -  I have the curly hair.

Safety in the gulf.
I know the gulf is warm.  The only problem is that last week it was red flagged every day because of jelly fish and rip tides.  The life guards had been busy saving lives.   Rule to remember.  if the rip tide starts taking you out into the gulf -

  • DON'T PANIC    Panic kills more people in that situation.
  • SWIM HORIZONTAL with the sand.  If you try to swim straight in to shore, you will be taken out further and tire out quickly.
  • BEST BET IS TO not go into the water under red flag conditions.   Some people go down to beach areas where there are no life guards.  Bad idea! 

Just a quick picture of Kacey and I frowning together.  I was in the pool swimming and she was standing by the side.  No worries.  This pug does NOT WANT TO GET WET.  Well, one foot slipped, then the next and SPLASH!   In she went.  I had taught her where to swim to get out of the pool and she got herself out.   I am a good pug mommy. 

Sun Tan Lotion Irritation
Pool time for me.  I never miss a day but I did today.   I tan.  Easily.  Not that I'm trying I just tan easily.  I have tried several suntan lotions and have had allergic reactions to them all.  The worse was this morning waking up to hives where I had put the lotion yesterday.  I give up.   I see a dermatologist and he says my skin is fine but I wanted to use the lotion here in Florida but not with this skin reaction.

That is it for today.  I just got home from a movie and ready to settle down until bedtime.  
With this heat, thank goodness for air conditioning.    And that is another story for later.

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