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Thursday, June 25, 2015

No pics today

No pictures, just words  and thoughts today.

Dad and I worked on the front of the house to remove the iron stain that we get from the watering system.  You can't afford to water grass from the city water so a well is dug for watering and unfortunately, our well is right in an iron vein.  The iron stains cars, sidewalks, the house, and basically anything it touches.  So we buy a special iron remover chemical from Lowes to get the iron removed.  It is a hot job and annoying because most of the neighbors have no iron in their well water.
Pulled weeds again the last few days.  I am not kidding, if you stand there long enough, you can almost see them grow in this heat and humidity.   The worst 2 months in Indiana is usually January and February because of the cold, ice, and snow.   Here we know that July and August are going to be hot (in the 90's) and humid.  The rest of the months seem to be wonderfully pleasant.  

I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago that our air conditioner was out.   After dealing with 2 companies, it is running smoothly (knock on wood).   But the first company wanted to charge us over $1000. for repairs and the second company was $200.   For the exact same parts!!   Go figure!!  There is more to this story but it depresses me to recall the whole mess.  But all turned out great!

My friend Kelly and her family is staying on the beach next week.  Besides the "hot season"  we are coming into the thunderstorm  that passes through often in the late afternoon.  I know they plan on doing lots and are staying in a beautiful condo right on the Gulf of Mexico.  That is the life!

I have a list of chores and errands to take care of so a busy day is ahead of me. So it is time for me to get to bed.  Take care everyone!

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