Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sailboats to beat all sailboats

This is the Spanish tall ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano - THE ELCANO - the worlds third tallest ship.  The Elcano is visiting Pensacola for five days to allow for tours on Friday and Saturday.    Pensacola is known as "Five Flags" and one is the Spanish flags so this is not the Elcano's first visit.   The first tour was in 1959 and the last time it was here was in 2009. 

This is at the Pensacola Bayfront.  The walkways are wonderful and built for public use and enjoyment.  (The pelicans and seagulls enjoy them also.)

Isn't this a great picture of Mom and Dad with the Elcano behind them!

And Mom and I.

One thing that amazed me with the height of the ship is the rope ladders that the men and women must climb to drop the sails.  And with winds and the rocking of the ship - hope they don't get sea sick.
Tug boats to help bring it in if necessary.
 Here is a closer look of the front of the ship.  
It is just one of those interesting, fun, free, and exciting things that we get to do since we live in Gulf Breeze/Pensacola.   We have always been water - boat people and and these ships are works of art.   
Afterwards we went two blocks down the street (Palafox) to al Fresco.  This is an outdoor food court the serves various southern food items - all in individual airstream trailers. 

Each airstream has a different menu of items.  

Many tables and Burgundy colored umbrellas with misters are available for you to sit and relax.   Watch the Palafox traffic - walkers and vehicles.

Here you can see the Gouda Stuff Air Stream and the misters above Dad cooling him off on a warm May day.  (88 degrees)

Across the street is a balcony with wonderful seating from a restaurant.

On the other corner is the newest bank in Pensacola just built in the last year.  It has been designed to go along with the feel of the town - Five Flags - isn't it beautiful?

 While enjoying a cool drink these happy people came by on their preferred mode of transportation.  And it is great exercise!  And it is just...too....funny!

And now we are back home.....
Last year on Mother's Day we planted a magnolia tree for Mom.  And it now has blooms!!

Just a last is the end of the school year.  Oh, I so remember the excitement of walking out of school for summer break.  Have a great summer to all!

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