Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunny Sunday

  Don't you love that sunshine!

I love the sunny days here.  So here are a few sunny day pictures I took yesterday......

Heading home from Church.   We are on Pensacola Beach and the water is the sound..... the intracoastal.

Driving through Gulf Breeze and this water is the bay.  Water, water everywhere.

Crossing the three mile bridge.   We must do this every time we leave Gulf Breeze to go to Pensacola.

I got a call that my new Vera Bradley glasses were in so we picked up those.   Thank goodness for eye insurance.   Whew!!!

Stopped at Macaroni Grill for spaghetti.

 Waiting to order.

I love the shopping areas and malls in Florida.   Most are at least partly outside.  Heading back home after a beautiful day.

And today is equally beautiful and warm.  
                          Now....... I love Indiana, The four seasons are all special in their own way.  We used to have snow mobiles, toboggans, and ice skated for years during the winter months. January and December I loved the snow.  When February and March came, I was over it.  Walking in icy parking lots, pumping gas in the freezing cold, driving in slippery conditions would get old.  So I never take our sunny days for granted in Gulf Breeze!  

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