Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crazy Weather

76 Degrees to 28 degrees.  Back and forth.  This crazy weather isn't just up north but also here in the south - just not as extreme.  

These last two weeks we have been busy spending money.   A shop down the road, The Beach House, sells furniture that can be upholstered in beach/coastal material.    I love this shop and the two women that work there are wonderful!  I loved this chair but it did not go with our furniture.  You can find The Beach House in the same area as Tiger Point Walmart in Gulf Breeze.

This chair is similar to what we ordered in style.  It rocks and swivels.  I ordered a light mint green color.  Love it!

With Valentine's Day coming, I stopped at Lowe's and got Mom some tulips to remind her of Indiana.  It is great living somewhere that you can purchase flowering plants all year long.

My friend Nicole made this diaper cake for a baby shower.  She is quite good at putting this together quickly.  Cute, isn't it!  Oh, out to dinner we went on Tuesday night for Nicole's birthday!   Happy Birthday Nicole and thanks for including us in on the birthday celebration with your family!!

We went to Sidelines at Pensacola Beach for chicken wings - yum - a couple of nights ago.  Sidelines is on Via Del Luna on the gulf side of the road.  This miniature golf course is right behind them.

*****And.....Announcing......Pensacola Beach came in 5th in the top USA beaches according to TripAdvisor!!!!  
 Hey, we have known that for a long, long time.   The water is beautiful, white sand, palm trees everywhere along with sea oats.  Most days you can stand on the beach and see dolphins.  Sting rays come in all sizes and play in the shallow surf.   Just remember your sun tan lotion and hat.
The beach and sand in the water is smooth to the feet - no rocks.  And on the hottest summer days the white sand does not burn your feet.

Since tonight it is going down below freezing here.....I will cuddle up under my seldom used quilt on my bed and keep comfy warm.  This crazy weather is just plain .......CRAZY!
It's too darn cold!

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