Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall in Florida feels like Summer

Yes, it is about fall but fall in Florida feels like summer.   Still hot and many days humid.   The biggest change is in the evenings.  The temps go down into the 70's.  Lots of pool time - I never miss a day.

We ran over to Peg Leg Petes last week for lunch.  The smoked tuna dip is our favorite.

These two people are being silly again.

Last Friday we had 8 water spouts around us.  They are not dangerous unless they move to shore and then they become tornadoes.  Here is one right by our house and stayed there for over 30 minutes.  They closed the zoo for the rest of the day.   I am sure the animals were not happy.

This picture is taken from our street.
It was over the sound - inter coastal waterway.

And then it was my birthday!!!!   Happy birthday to me.......
I got so many wonderful birthday wishes and I can't thank everyone enough!
We went to Bagelheads for breakfast.   I LOVE BAGELHEADS.   I get the orange/cranberry muffin.  

Mom got the plain imagination.  And Dad got the blueberry muffin.   Another winner.

Then we came home and Mom and Dad gave me my gift.  Loved it!!!  Pool time and my Aunt Sandy sent us money to go celebrate at Hemingway's for a birthday dinner.  Wish she had been there, too.  Cake was delicious carrot cake.  Soooooooo goooooooood!

This blog may not seem organized.  It is not.   Just thoughts and pictures but that is the way my day is.  This is a recipe I saw for banana pie.   If you have ever been to the Das Essenhaus restaurant near Shipshewana, you then have enjoyed their amazing pies.  I always get the banana.   So I thought I might try this out for the holidays.

So true and worked for me many times when I was teaching.  

Bed time is soon and Kacey and I have the same routine every night.
1. Clean the ears with ear cleaner
2. Put eye drops in the eyes.
3. Put a pill in a chicken McNugget.
(Here is why.   This dog can taste any pill no matter how you hide it.  We have hid it in pill pockets, peanut butter, cheese, bread, spaghetti, meatloaf - she can eat the tasty part and walk into the living room and spit.   Out comes the pill. UGH!!!!!!!   BUT she absolutely loves chicken McNuggets so much that she gobbles them down fast and the pill goes right down with it.)
4.  Go outside.
5.  Stand and wait for a treat even though she had a chicken McNugget.
6.  Finally go to bed.

Got my hair trimmed and I said - "Not too short, PLEASE."  Gee, I am so glad they listen.

As I said at the beginning, it is warm and I love it.  Flowers blooming everywhere and hummingbirds are gathering at our feeder.  They like to almost dive bomb you when you are in the pool.  Everyone here is great and I do not take that for granted.   It is 11:02 and time to begin Kacey's bedtime routine.  Miss Kacey needs her beauty sleep.   Take care all!

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