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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why won't my computer recognize my cell phone?

Pretty picture!   I think so!

I have not been able to blog for sometime because of computer to phone upload problems.   I have great pictures on my phone over the last three weeks but when I plug the phone into the computer, the computer does not recognize the phone at all.  So Dave plugged it into his computer - same problem.  So what is with the phone.  It is a IPHONE 5s.  I need to stop by Verizon and see if there is something that was pressed by accident that is causing the communications problem.    But I did get a few pictures on my camera yesterday and today.  So here we go.

My Aunt Sandy was here for over a week and we had such a great time.  I begged her to stay longer but noooooo........    She had to get home and take care of errands.  We also got a visit from Tammy, my cousin, and her family.   That was fun and a shrimp boil was enjoyed by all.   Especially Ian.

This was Blue Angels week and that is a busy, crowded time on the island.  Pensacola loves their Blue Angels!   I have been out to lunch with Nicole and there they are - flying right over us.  Only in Pensacola Beach.     Also, went to a block picnic Friday night and had a wonderful time with our neighbors.   We are so lucky.

Sandy left on a Saturday and Dave came in on Tuesday for the month.  Ron comes down for the last week of July.   Busy, busy, busy!!

The pool has been such a joy for us during this 90 degree/humid weather.  I am in it every single day!

Even Kacey enjoys going outside but says NO! to the pool.  She is not a happy water dog even though I occasionally take her in so that she knows how to get out if she falls into the water.   Which she has.   Four times.  Not happy!   The other problem is that pugs don't deal with this heat well and it does not take long before she is panting heavily.

We have planted various flowering plants around the pool and they are beautiful but need to be hand watered since the sprinkler system does not water right up to the pool.  You must have a well sprinkler system here.   Without it, you would either have dead grass or if you used the house water, your water bill would be over $200.00.   That happened to a friend of ours unaware of how fast the water bill can add up.
Anyway, back to my story.  We got a micro sprinkler systems from Lowes for $31.00 - not bad, huh!?
Dave and Dad ran the plastic hose all along the pool area and each plant gets its own sprinkler head.  Turn it on and all plants are watered in 25 minutes.  Thank you Lowes!

Dad and Dave discussing how to install the system.   Oh, by the way, the instructions said it takes 30 minutes to install and they have a picture of a woman in white shorts installing it by herself.  Give me a break!

How far apart should they be Dad?  Oh, Dad wears long sleeves in this hot sun to prevent sun damage.  We have picked him up several very cool work shirts for that purpose.

Dave is younger - he can do the bending. orange something or other tree.  It is not a regular orange tree and at the moment I can't remember the name.  It seems to be doing ok.  My lemon tree died in the ice storm.

And here is Mom in one of her new bathing suits.  We each have 4 or 5 because we are in the pool so much.
Always looking for bathing suit sales.  She is looking at the airplane - we have seen quite a few interesting aircraft because of the Blue Angle Show.

   I have been in a JAWS mood so we watched Jaws 3 times one day and then JAWS II the next day.   Even I know forget about JAWS III.    JAWS is over 30 years old and I still love it.

Some other quick thoughts:

  • Happy birthday to Sandy and to Robin.
  • Sandy makes the best rum cake and yes!   She taught me how to make it.  Oh so yummy!
  • Dad is golfing at least once a week, even in this heat.  He is just a golf fanatic.  
  • Summer goes by fast whether you are a teacher on break or retired.   Time just needs to slow down!
  • Many of my friends are going on vacation sometime in June or July but I will stay put.   Hope to get up to Indiana in early fall and Disney before Christmas.   We will see.  
  • And I will end this post with BUGS.   It seems to be a buggy summer.  Flying things, crawly things - yuck!  Take care and don't let the bugs bug you too much!    

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