Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Love Gulf Breeze!

I do love living in Gulf Breeze......and that is good because I am not going anywhere else, that is for sure!  Today was what would be referred to as a normal day - a wonderful day.  Very sunny and 90 degrees.   So on normal days I do normal things.  Get up, read the paper and IPad, clean around the house for a bit, run over to Subway and then stop at Bealls to see what is on the 50% rack.  (Nothing caught my eye today.)  Came home and talked to Kathy Cox for over an hour on the phone about lots of things.   We can talk and talk if we both have the time.  Then I went into the pool with Dad.   Out for a sandwich at OConnell's Pub and Grill and then home for the Tony Awards.  Yes, a normal day full of relaxing activities.

The lights have been fixed in the pool and look great.  They can do many different color changes.  Besides blue and green there is purple, white, and light blue.    

Yes, this is a Subway drink.   I never put the lids on them and for two years Kelly Rehlander and I went to Subway almost every day for lunch.  She nagged me over and over about getting a lid so of course, I could not bring it upon myself to please her by putting a lid on my drink.   I still send her texts at lunch with a lidless Subway drink.   It pleases her so.

Kacey went surfing in the pool today.   Yes!   She sits on a boogie board and seems pretty content.  But first she was cooling off on the patio.  What a life!

Nothing surprises me.  Here goes my Dad down the street with some blow up toys for our friend's visiting granddaughter.   I wonder what the neighbors thought?  I am sure they were not surprised either.

Some short thoughts:

  • School is out for all my teacher friends and family.  Have a great summer.  I think Dave told me he has 76 days to enjoy and he will spend the month of July here.
  • Coupons are my best friends!   I keep an eye out for coupons and hardly ever shop for tops, shoes, or shorts without a coupon.   Bealls, Belks, and Penneys are my favorites.
  • My friend Nicole and I saw Maleficent on Friday.  I enjoyed it so much.  Go see it if you haven't yet!
  • Our French Horn lessons are going strong right now since Hanna is going to band camp.   She will be ready to impress!
  • Off to bed.....Take care all and enjoy Monday!

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