Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rainy day

Today is a thundery (really no such word), rainy day.  That's ok though, the flowers and grass like the rain.  Yesterday, when the weather was much more pleasant, I took some flower pictures from around the yard so I will post them to perk up my day.  We keep experimenting with different perennials to see how they will do.......plants grow so different here than in the summers in Indiana.

All the plants in our front and back yard have been basically put there by us.   This is one of my favorite areas.  The lilies bloom all summer and the green leave stay during the winter months.  

The next three blooms are from the lilies - above.   So pretty!

The rose bush is next to our mailbox and is my pride and joy.  It is full of delicate pink roses throughout summer and fall.

Mom's mother's day gift was a magnolia tree.  I never dreamed that it would have so many flowers so quickly.

The cannas in the back grow too tall for their own good.   We need to tie them up otherwise the flowers just pull the stems to the ground.

Love Geraniums!

Simple petunias add so much to the pool boarder.

Mom is floating in the pool as I take pictures.

One of my pool hats.  Dave got me this for Christmas.

Kacey is not much into selfies.  Such an attitude!

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