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Friday, January 17, 2014


When our dogie is sick, everyone is unhappy.   Three days ago my 11 year old pug, Kacey, was vomiting and sounded if she had lots of congestion so off to the vet we go. The vet said that there was a bit of congestion in the lower lungs but she had a normal temperature.  Blood tests were given and all came out ok.  So Kacey is on antibiotics and after three days is feeling much better.  ($250.00 later.)
I hate when she is sick because there is nothing sadder looking than a sick pug.   They have a way of making quite the pout.  The first night she was sick I had her laying on my bed all night while I tried to sleep with her pushing at me with her back legs to move over.   Really Kacey?   You already have more than half of the bed and you are a small dog.  But she was uncomfortable with an upset stomach so little sleep happened that night.   I can hear her snoring away right now so hopefully she will get a good night's sleep.

Wet Kacey - not happy at all.

So here is my thought.   I hate going to the vet because it is going to be a BIG bill.  I ended up at the vet we are at because the last one seemed too expensive to me.  Oh well, she is feeling better which is especially good because we are going to Disney World soon and Kacey will be a guest of Mickey Mouse.  I have never left her at a kennel before but if you can't trust Mickey Mouse, who can you trust.   Actually, when you look at their web site it looks like she will be living pretty good - top dog, you might say.   And she will get ice cream each day.   I will get to see her each day and take her for a walk and give hugs and kisses.

Nothing much has been going on here.  Weather was warm today - upper 60's but cooler tomorrow.  Mom and Dad have had some Dr. appointments to go to and that is about it.   Yes, it is winter here but so different looking than up north.  The grass is a brownish color - in its dormant phase and there are some trees that have lost their leaves but many do not drop leaves and of course, there are lots of pine and palm trees.  We have had an unusually cold winter - five nights below 32 degrees and you can see certain plants that did not do well.   Especially after the 19 degree night.   What does not live, will get replaced - more business for Lowes.  

The vet told us that Kacey needed to loose a couple of pounds.  Here is a picture of her 9 years ago.  Yea, I guess she could loose a couple.   So we both are cutting down on snacks and walking.

Take care everyone - January is a tough month sometimes with wishing Spring would come.  My brother says it is snowing in Monticello right now - that I don't miss.   And neither does Kacey!

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