Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Colder?!    Oh, yes!  We have had two nights in a row in the teens - about 19 degrees.   Here is Mom at the mall - all bundled up.  She is cold when it is 70 degrees.  But it was quite chilly with a strong wind that goes right through you.   Many people here do not own winter coats.   There is just no need so layering was how they kept warm.   Then there were the people, mostly guys, who just would not give up their shorts.  Brrrrrr....just too cold!

(By the way, Dave.   I wish you had not introduced me to these pretzels.  They are just melt in your mouth good.  I try to avoid them but sometimes you just got to have one.)

It was cold during the afternoon yesterday.    I took a picture of our outdoor thermometer when we got home.  32 degrees.

At night we covered our palms the best week could even though the wind fought us all the way.  Most of our palms are good to 25 to 20 degrees.  So what did 19 degrees do to them?   Well, we have to wait and see.   You can see how bad our banana trees look in the next picture down - I think they will shoot up just fine when the warmer weather begins and we fertilize.

We made a fire in the fireplace and cleaned out drawers in the family room.  I shredded three large bags worth of old documents.    Time to just get rid of all that paper work from years ago.

So whether you have been up in the mid-west states or in the panhandle - it has been unusual weather for sure.  If you were at Key West right now, it is 68 degrees and International Falls, Minn. is -25.    People choose were they want to live - but International Falls?   Really?  No offense to those that live there.   It is beautiful, peaceful, and I loved visiting in the summer for a week but in the winter - the 
"Icebox of the Country"?   I think I will just stay with my Pensacola/Gulf Breeze weather.
Keep warm, y'all!

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