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Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby Giraffe

Off to the Gulf Breeze Zoo I went today.  Just 1/2 mile down the road and we enjoy hearing the monkeys screaming at each other at times from our back yard.   I especially wanted to be there at 12:00 because they were going to talk about the newest zoo member, Gamba, a 2 month baby giraffe.  
(These pictures could be better but there was NO sun, LOTS of clouds, and MISTY rain coming down.)

Gamba is about my height right now and too cute for words!    Once born, his mother was unsure of him and would not let him nurse so he is right next to Mom and Dad but fed by his zoo keeper.  

This is Gamba's Mom, Dad, and Aunt.  One tall, happy family.  Gamba is taken inside if it gets below 50 degrees......otherwise he shivers and might get sick.  

I guess giraffes are like people, the grass beyond the fence is more appetizing.  

The eyes of a giraffe are beautiful.  

Time for the noon time feeding.  Sooooo goooood!   

Well, here are a few other zoo friends I visited while I was at the zoo.  All are very friendly.

So cute, I have watched him grow from a baby.  

Give us food......Stop!   Give us food!  

This Kangaroo likes to sleep on his back.

This is Zachary and Patrick.   They love to do peak-a-boo, eyes, nose, mouth, time to eat, and more.  Pretty smart guys.

I was there right around noon.  Must of been nap time.

Pretty berries and leaves.  

This guy has free roam of the premises and was following me for much of the time.  

I have read that these are not too smart.  I won't tell them that though.  

And this looks like a special meeting of the zebras   Hmmmmm.....what do you think they discuss?  They actually have a very large, open area to live.   Maybe they don't like the neighbors with their large horns.  Hard to imagine what might upset a zebra.  

Again, it was so dark from the cloud cover that the pictures did not come out as good as I would of liked.  But most important you have met our baby giraffe.   I am going to make hamburgers for dinner tonight and a low cal cake that is so easy.   Take a box of angel food cake, one can of crushed pineapple.   Mix together.   It will get frothy.  Put in a baking dish and cook 30 minutes at 350.  Either put cool whip or cream cheese frosting on  and yummy!   Everyone loves it.  

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